Velký a Malý Ostrý

Velký Ostrý (1293 m) is one of the most beautiful mount-peaks of the whole Šumava - a frontier mountain with a cross placed on the top, a German mountainous cottage with a pub and a rock formation offering impressive view of the surrounding mountain ridges. It is very interesting that the state frontier passes right through a bench placed in front of the cottage.

It is also the only place in the Šumava where a belay climbing rope has to be used while taking tour around the peak rock. On the Bavarian side, in the saddle between Malý and Velký Ostrý, there is a chapel with a belfry. Thanks to their inspiring shape, the mountains are called the Breasts of Our Lady.

Ostrý mountain is accessible on foot from Hojsova Stráž as well as from the Bavarian side of the border.