The Březník, at 1165m above sea level, is a hill over  the Lusen Valley, 8km from the village of Modrava. There has been a gamekeeper’s house on the top since 1848 and this was reconstructed and opened to public in 2002. It is also an information centre for tourists. There is an exhibition about the life and work of Karel Klostermann, the writer from the Šumava, who set the action of his novel “Ze světa lesních samot”  in the Březník area.  The gamekeeper’s house is open from May till September.
The walking trail from Modrava to the Březník is 15km there and back. The nature trail called the Changes of the Mountain Spruces is 9km long and goes through a mountainous area damaged by bark beetles. The route is marked with squared signs and there are information boards for tourists. Entering the path is temporarily restricted to the summer time, from 1st July till 30th September. Thanks to this path you can see the centre of the recent bark beetle disaster in the Šumava Mountains with your own eyes. This area is also the border for the intervention and non-intervention park zones.