Dobrá Voda

The village of Dobrá Voda, which means in English “Good Water” is situated less than 3km from Hartmanice. It was given its name after the discovery of a spring that is said to have healing water. A village chapel was built at the spring. A church dedicated to St. Vintíř was built on the site of the chapel and Dobrá Voda became a place of pilgrimage. This village was built nearly 40 years later and at the same time it became an administrative centre for a large military training area. The Museum of Dr. Šimon Adler, in Dobrá Voda, was built in 1997 to commemorate the Jewish rabbi, Šimon Adler, who was born there and who became a victim of the holocaust in the concentration camp in Osvětim, in 1944. The exhibition is dedicated to his life and the life of his family. Another part of the exhibition shows the life and culture of Jewish inhabitants of the border area. The Church of St. Viníř is decorated by a glass altar and fourteen glass sculptures showing the Stations of the Cross. The altar size is 4.5m x 3.2m, and weighs five tons; each sculpture is sized 1m x 1m, weighing 130kg.