Farmers’ Trail

The Farmers’ Trail goes mostly through the area of the Kochánov National Park. The starting point of the 20km long route through the Central Šumava Region is Petrovice, 7km from Sušice. The route goes through the following places: Petrovice – Dolní Kochánov – Horní Kochánov – Keply – Stará Huť – Radkov – Mochov – Hořejší Těšov – Dolejší Těšov – Vlastějov – Vojetice. You can start walking along the Farmers’ Trail at another starting point, from the village of Keply, lying a few kilometres from Hartmanice. The outdoor information sign with the logo of the Farmers’ Trail will help you while walking in the country. A big part of the trail goes through an agricultural area where there are a number of farms to help you to compare the present way of farming to the former traditional styles. You can see, for example, “wolf’s holes”, “dead men’s boards”, many well-preserved buildings of folk architecture, magnificent larches protected by the State and wonderful views of the picturesque surrounding of the Šumava Mountains.