Kašperk Castle

Charles IV had  the Kašperk Castle built in 1356 to protect the gold mines in the area, the trade on the Golden Path and the border area. Thankfully the castle was never rebuilt in different styles. It has kept its individual atmosphere, standing on an isolated foothill of the Ždánov Mountain. About 400m from the castle there are the remains of the outer fortification of the castle, the so called Pustý hrádek, offering a beautiful view of the nearby hills. The exhibition in the castle presents the history of the castle and the lives of its inhabitants, the times of Charles IV, the Golden Path and gold mining. The Castle of Kašperk is the highest royal castle in Bohemia, being 886m above sea level. Projects for schools, concerts, theatre, dance and fencing performances as well as seasonal exhibitions make the activities in the castle variable and interesting.