Glacier Lakes

A long time ago five glacier lakes developed on the Czech side of the mountains, and another three lakes on the Bavarian side. Lake Prášily is situated 4.5km from the village of Prášily under the Poledník Mountain. Lake Laka, the smallest and the highest lake, lying 1096m above sea level, can be found below the Debrník Mountain. If you make a trip to Železná Ruda, you can see the Černé a Čertovo Lakes, translated into English as the Black and Devil’s Lakes. The former is the largest and deepest lake of all the eight glacier lakes in these mountains. It is also the largest lake in the Czech Republic with the area of 18.43ha and up to 40.5m deep. The name of the lake comes from the black colour of the water caused by the reflection of the forests around it. The Čertovo Lake is the second largest lake of the mountains. The main European water-shed runs between both lakes.
A few kilometres from Lipno, below the Plechý Mountain, is the Plechý Lake. You can see the memorial to the poet and writer Adalbert Stifter on a rock above the lake.