Facts about the Šumava Mountains

The main parts of the Šumava  Mountains were proclaimed the National Park in 1991. Of the three national parks in the Czech Republic the Šumava National Park, (69,030ha), is the largest.

The Šumava National Park with the neighbouring Bavarian Forest National Park, (13, 100ha), covers approximately one third of the whole of the forested area of the Šumava Mountains and the Bavarian Forest. The area covering a total of 163,000ha was proclaimed the Protected Landscape Area in 1963

The highest mountain is the Grossarber, 1,456m above sea level, which lies to the south-west of the Bavarian town of Bayerisch-Eisenstein. The Plechý Mountain, which is 1378m high, is the highest mountain in the Bohemian region. It is situated on the Czech-German border, south-west of Nová Pec. The Šumava Mountains are 110km long, up to 20km wide, 35km including the Šumava foothills. Its area is 1671 km² and it belongs to our largest mountains