The Church of St. Mauricius near Annín, on the  Mouřenec Hill, is 617m above sea level. It is built in the shape of a ship with a two storey tower and an apse from about 1230. The origin of the former sanctuary is connected with gold-panning, the path from the Danube region and the work of Vintíř, the Hermit. The church is dedicated to St. Mauricius. In 1993, precious wall-paintings from 14th century were discovered and renovated. A  Baroque charnel-house from the 18th century lies on the northern side of the cemetery.
The glass-work at Annín was established as early as the 18th century. It specialized in crystal glass and was the first one in Austria-Hungary to market pink-coloured glass decorated with gold. As the most important glass works in Bohemia, in 1934 it was given priority to use electric power for melting glass. Visitors can see the glass being cut and can buy the glass in the salesroom from Monday to Friday.